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Name: Nicholas Watson

Institution: Harding University

Sport: Basketball

Current Position: Guard/Small Forward

Hometown/ High School: Texarkana AR/ Arkansas High School

Current Year: Freshman

Major: Electrical Engineering

Interest: Video games, anime, volunteering

Native of Texarkana AR, Nicholas was valedictorian of his graduating class with a 4.8 GPA. Nicholas was an All-State selection in basketball. Nicholas was also 4-sport athlete participating in basketball, soccer, track, and cross country. Nicholas has 2 brothers, Christopher and Joshua. He is the son of Andre and Marian Watson.

Nicholas’s journey of triumph of being diagnosed with autism, ADHD, a central processing delay and not speaking a full sentence until the age of 6 has been featured on ESPN Sportscenter, BNC, and with Pastor Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX.
Nicholas is an extraordinary student-athlete wishing to be the light that encourages others that their difference can a will make the difference. He’s #justNick.